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Submission to God's Will
3/24/2018 9:55:00 PM BY Loren Bell

Jonah finally submitted to what God wanted him to do.  He was not in the least happy about what he was doing because he knew what God intended to do and wanted no part in it.

God spared Ninevah!!!   

Jonah maintained his negative demeanor through the entire book and we do not hear what became of Jonah after this.

It is my contention that Jonah finally relented and repented.  Otherwise, we probably would not know the story.  Jonah would not have wanted the people to know his part in Ninevah being spared.

Jonah either wrote the account or told a scribe of the account so that the people of God would see the great lengths that God would go to not only save an entire city but to change the heart of His servant.

Is God going to have to go to these lengths to change your heart?